to create unity; to create harmony; to create a stable world to live in; to create a world which will support us living here...
We must co-create it in the next days, months and hopefully years, or we have chosen obliteration.
At the point we have reached now, it doesnít matter anymore if it is ecology vs. well being and comfort.
It is not anymore between developed or underdeveloped countries.
It is not 'us' against 'them'.
It is about all of us working and living and striving towards an existence that is rooted in PEACE through harmony and respect for all life.

Teilhard de Chardin was a priest, as well as a thinking man. It was that thoughtfulness and his insight that got him into trouble with the church. He said that we were reaching towards a point in which a synthesis will occur that will go from personal awareness to a total divine adoration in each human being in itself.
He called this the "Omega Point."

In our present moment, we are speeding at an incredible, ever increasing rate, towards the Omega Point. And every day, as we draw nearer to that point, it becomes more and more obvious how unprepared we are for this new reality, and how civilization will suffer a great collapse; ... UNLESS WE COLLECTIVELY AWAKEN
It will collapse because the whole is the sum of the parts!

Most people have great difficulty understanding this because they live in fragments; fragmented in what we live, think, feel, want, desire, remember, and most if not all of the rest of each of our lives.
It does not matter who has created this, or how we got to this point, but what does matter is that because the evolution process of humankind has reached this point, at this moment, in this world, on this planet, we  are racing at an incredibly accelerated rate, towards another dimension of our own and of planetary consciousness.
It is up to each one of us how we choose to handle this transition.
Our planet, Mother Earth, is alive. The trees are her breathing system, the oceans are her connective tissue and we are the communication network, or to say it in another way, we are the nervous system of this organism.

Different view point, isnít it? 
For us to be that communication network means the following:
We have a choice.
We may choose to transmit what will lead us to a clear understanding and a higher illumination of our Mother Earth, or if we don't awaken and realize who and what we are, we may choose to continue to be fragmented and broken and destroy ourselves, each other, and our own Mother Earth.

What is wrong with us?
Why so much self sabotage?
We say that we are too many here on this planet.
We continue to exterminate ourselves. We remain in complete conflict and chaos because we are white or black, yellow or brown, fat or thin, rich or poor, smart or not smart, fortunate or not fortunate. Eastern, western, different religions or cultures, different beliefs.
Humanity has come up with so many many ways to be inhumane to itself, that we have no room on this planet, or that demographic explosion is dangerous.

We think that probably God has made a mistake, or God was wrong about this planet and created less nutrition, space, air and food than life could tolerate. We have an incredible ability to seem to find a way to blame everyone else except ourselves for what is wrong.
The true reality is the fact that we live ...in a state of total lack of consciousness.
This lack of consciousness is in us as individuals and because it is so widespread across the earth it is absolutely a lack of global awareness and it is causing a complete lack of global consciousness.

We have to awaken before more human life is destroyed on this planet. Before we pollute everything and use everything [comma] and who knows what more [damage] we can do in the mean time.
Your well being is my well being, and my well being is your well being.
It is not separated.
The etheric field that determines the manifestation and existence of all that is, the physical manifestation called body is, not only bonded by the air, but through a unified energy field that is one and only one for all.
And it is very clear that, if what I inhale and exhale, at the next moment passes as air to you, so too does the thought form field and the feelings and the vibration of them, subsequently doing exactly the same thing. We must choose to share as individual parts of a whole, a common goal of equality for all.
It is no longer a process of personal choice to be tuned and aligned to join the awakening of personal and planetary consciousness. It is a civic duty.
It is not an esoteric hobby to awaken our conscience.
It is an obligation, a responsibility, a duty; as we are coming closer to a point of no return.

We may choose to co-create a new civilization based on a change from the system of values that we have today or we will choose to extinguish ourselves selves and our planet, and its life  and we have already made a great step on that devastating direction.

It is my personnel opinion and belief, that there are no solutions or arrangements in this political, economic, religious, philosophical, social, cultural environment that have a chance to work unless they embrace goals that - 


Kristen M. Neiling


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