Hidden deep within the very core of each one of our spiritual selves lies an unblemished state of perfection, known as unconditional love. There are certain energy fields that reside in a vibrational state, around this love. When properly activated these fields open doors of our consciousness, and take us to places of existence we are not aware of our in our present state.


We live in a changing world. Things are speeding up and there is not one person on this planet that can deny that, because we all feel it. We live in a world where our perceptions are limited. Humans perceive life in three dimensions. From a scientific point of view, through quantum physics, it has been determined that there are at least 11 or 12 dimensions, if not more. The main difference between dimensions is the vibrational rate. As one enters into a new rate, the faster the vibrational rate. The differences separating the dimensions are vibrational. We hear to a certain frequency. Dogs can hear 6 times higher then we can. Just because we cant hear things does that mean they are not there? Consequently, the higher dimensions are truly there simply out of reach of our "limited" perceptions.


All things around us, including the earth are increasing their frequency. There is a measurement scale called the Schumann Resonance that measures the frequency of the rotation of the Earth. The earth had vibrated at a frequency of roughly 7.8 Hz for year after year, thousands of years. About twenty years ago (1980) that vibrational rate began to elevate, causing the earth to slow down its rotation. At last reading that rate is up around 12 Hz, and spiraling higher. The last point in the Schumann Scale is 13 Hz. It is also called the Zero Point. Science has determined that our universe travels across the void of space in a huge cycle that takes approximately 26,000 years to complete. We are currently entering into an area known as the Photon Belt. Photon is synonymous with "light". Within this area, all thing "vibrate" at a much higher level. Therefore the rate of the earth, our bodies, and all aspects of all things continue to grow as we continue to drift into this new (to us) area. The signs of this upswing are apparent in many many ways. There are those amongst us who have an inability to cope with this change. If we look at the children killing children in the schools, or the general levels of chaos we experience on the earth as an everyday occurrence. We watch as our governments condone the ruining of our environment, our resources, and our bodies.


We wonder how our great, modern, advanced, religious countries allow starvation to exist on this planet. We watch the sickness we show our children and our adults on the televisions. We teach them violence and are bewildered when they mimic what they are taught. The corruption in all areas of life is rampantly out of control.

Most people in this world have the feeling they are just bumping along in their lives for the ride, not knowing or caring about doing anything to fix this situation.

Not one person can honestly say everything is as it was. It isnt! The handwriting is on the wall. Whether you look at it from an Eastern Buddhist/Tao spiritual point of view, or a Western traditional Christian point of view, or through the Mayan calendar, or through the eyes of futurists like Gordon Michael Scallion, or even Hopi prophecies, we are heading towards a point that indicates a major, major change in who we are.

Universal Law has a basic core of love. It is a dominant theme that runs through all of the credo based concepts of spiritualism, religion, prophecy. All state that we should operate from a center point of love, peace, understanding and gaining wisdom through knowledge and understanding. We are all bound together.

Just as we are all a part of Creator, (or God, or Allah, or Buddha, or the Great White Spirit, or The Force) or whatever else one cares to call it. I am you and you are me.

Whether one chooses to look at this from structured religion or from free-thinking Spiritualism, it all comes down to love. As stated earlier in this writing, due to where we are in the Universe, we are approaching a much higher elevation of our vibrational existence. We are moving on. Many of us are not capable of making this change. Those are the ones who are described by the Christians as the ones who stay in the midst of "The Rapture". There are others, who know the change is coming. They feel it. They embrace it and want to be an active part of it. These changes do not come with a rule book. There is not one person on earth who knows the rules.

However what we do know and understand is that there are definite ways we can apply to make our transition to these higher dimensions easier.

Surrounding our bodies are energy fields. Electromagnetic energy fields. These energy fields are the ones we may activate with this technique.


 Blessings, Kristen


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