Yes, there was a final message in the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games



First message


“Let the dances last” was the first song to be heard in the Olympic Stadium


Second message 


A very significant message was the closing of the ceremony too.

When the lights went on in the Stadium an image appeared on the ground, a huge spiral that I started to draw several times on a paper asking myself what it may be.

Then I saw that the Circle was made of thousands of wheat plants.


Two days later, I had it clear;  it was a “Crop Circle”


Why was a Crop Circle used in the middle of the stadium?

Lets turn our thoughts to all what we have heard and know about the meaning of the Crop Circles and make our own conclusions.


I believe it is up to each one of us to meditate about the entire message in the opening and closing of the Olympic Games; but without any doubt everything points to a new world and a vision of peace and hope for humankind; and a choice.

My personal vision or idea about this message is that we are ALL in that moment of choice in which we can chose life and a vital identity; or we chose to be fragmented, separated, in conflict and just a step from destruction.


I have realized that if we chose to put our hope, our faith and our life in one direction we will attract more frequencies that may tune in with it.


I bet we will chose light despite all the evidences that I face daily that tend to make me think the contrary.


This is an invitation to be centered and holding a flag that represents our life and the life of humanity, there is no separation.


The flag is how we manifest daily, the flag is how we manifest ourselves, the flag is how we express ourselves, what we do; not only for ourselves, but for all humankind.



Third message


IOC (International Olympic Comitee) -- President, Dr Jacques ROGGE


Καλησπέρα σας! – Good Evening


…Dear friends, we have had these games in peace and brotherhood, these games have touched our hearts with tears and joy…, ''these games were unforgettable, dream Games.''


When you go home promote the message of the games promote respect for others and a clean game and give back what was given to you…

And now according to tradition I declare these games closed…



Fourth message:


Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki -- President of Athens 2004


Because of you, the Olympic Games are the most powerful source of inspiration and hope to humanity.


Tonight, as the lights go out in the stadiums, let’s keep the Flame of creation, effort and victory burning in our hearts and souls. 


Thank you, we hope to see you again!


 Καλή αντάμωση!