Was there a message in the opening of the Olympic Games?


I think that what we saw in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece was one of the most powerful messages pointing a change in humans history.


The message was full of symbols. Personally, the first one was a feeling I had weeks before, thinking that this was the last Olympic Games we will saw in our current lifetime. 

In one word I was saying to myself, it started in Greece and there it is ending. 


In fact the speaker said loud and clearly “Olympic Games, Welcome Home”


 The way the water appeared and disappeared inside the stadium forming this huge lake was another symbol of planetary changes. There was no water, it was dry (droughts?), within minutes the water appeared  out of the blue creating this huge mass of water and disappearing as another symbol (for me)


The impeccable parade of 3,000 years of human history to the most overwhelming image of the pregnant women with a lit womb walking in the waters of the lake while on top of her head the spiral of the DNA was whirling in light was one touching vision. 


Another important moment was the changes in the protocol in that, for the first time, the western alphabet was not used at the entering in the stadium of the countries and their representatives' delegations and instead of it, the Greek one was used, which we know starts with the letter ALPHA and ends with the letter OMEGA. 

“I am the ALPHA and the OMEGA, the beginning and the end”; We all know who said these words.


 The gods of mythology were present flying above the stadium, symbols that are used in many disciplines and areas such as psychology, as a way to interpret human behavior thru the myth and the hidden meaning of the psyche. 


A relevant moment before the Olympic torch was lit  up was a race performed by an athlete carrying the flag with the branch of olives on it running and cutting ribbons that were placed across. Each one of the ribbons meant one year, one country and one Olympic Game that we have lived though  history. Each year and place was named loud and clearly with each ribbon that fall on the floor cut in two parts.


There were two touching moments in which the athlete fell on the floor; one was when the speaker mentioned World War I and then he fel again at the mentioning of World War II. 


I would like to add my comment to this very impressive moment. 


It is about the “Mala” the Hindu string of beads that is used to recite mantras, as Christian’s have the Rosary and Arabs the “Masbahah”


The “Mala” has 108 beads  to recite the mantras, and those who use or have used the “Mala” know that there is one bead that we cannot cross to go on with the recitation and that is the 109th bead, from which we turn the “Mala” back and  go on backwards in the recitation and so on as we reach again the next 108th bead.


There are several  meanings about why we cannot cross the 109th bead, but one is to acknowledge that in this 3D world, we have certain limits, that there are doors that cannot be opened and places we should not go in, because there is no return from them. My Teacher Mataji, said that the 109th bead of the "Mala" was the Jordan River. 


108 years, 108 ribbons were crossed, two falls for humankind represented by two World Wars during that period of time. 108 normal beads has the “Mala or “JapaMala”. 


If we would fall for the third time in the race it would represent the bead that we should not cross and we all know that a third fall would be a World War with no return. 


May be, it’s my imagination, but I feel the need to share it 


The entire presentation was full of many other messages to watch at. One that I think is worst it to mention. It  is something I learned while I was reading a book that talks a lot about symbology (The Da Vinci Code).


The five intertwined circles represent Venus (morning and evening star) which traces a perfect pentacle across the sky every eight years.


To the ancients, observing this phenomena, Venus became the symbol of perfection and beauty, qualities prized in athletes´ bodies. As a tribute to Venus, the Greeks used her 8 year cycle to organize their Olympic Games.



 The four-year schedule of the Olympics follows Venus´s half-cycle. The five pointed star of Venus (pentacle) almost became the official Olympic seal but the five points were exchanged for five intersecting rings to reflect the spirit of inclusion and harmony (Venus´s qualities) within the games and also the five continents. 


The Olympics this year are held during Mercury retrograde.


Therefore the outcome of the Olympics in general and with the athletes in particular will be unexpected. 


May be this has some relationship with the Mayan sayings about the Venus cycles we have heard since January 2004


 The use of the five platonic solids projected on top of the huge body that was inside the water are the symbols and basis of Sacred Geometry. 


And Sacred Geometry is the pattern on which our planet is build on. The five geometric patterns of the Merkaba field which is the electromagnetic body of each living being as well as the electromagnetic body from the planet earth. That was present too.


 If this was done intentionally or not it doesn’t matter, since the message was there for all of us.


All that has a particular or single meaning reaches the collective and I believe that we saw clearly portrayed the representation of a cycle of humanity; one that is ending, another one that is starting.


The 202 delegations of all countries inside the stadium created a huge and symbolic planetary flag. No country stayed outside, since the Olympic Committee paid for even the poorest countries to be present, this has also no precedent in the history of the Olympics Games and to end, the most applauded delegation was the Iraqi one.


 It’s up to us a last thought about this event.