Ancient traditions from all over the world have left for us
the tools to understand and walk in the process of
planetary initiation.
We are all part of it and it is happening now
Gregg Braden







As a professor and counselor, my mother  has been featured on radio and television in many countries of South America, North America and Europe

Her professional careers as a Sociologist, Psychologist PhD, Media Manager, the loss of my sister  and a near death experience have all provided her with the language from the heart, necessary to give to a hungry world, a message of love, hope, compassion and understanding.


She has lived, learning many of her skills, from an old Indian  as well as in the Peruvian Andes and in Brazil, then down to the Patagonia and the blue glaciers and there mysteries. She has spent some years with her beloved teacher Mataji and her Zen Buddhist teacher. 

Authored the books "The Young Generation" and " A new Journey".


Using the teachings of the Sacred Merkaba Techniques, Astrology as well as others such as the understanding of a process that we are all living, are part now of her work.


She has taught, lectured, and given seminars to as few as one person to groups numbering in the hundreds.

She is now committed to someone in her heart that symbolizes the loss of hope and life; it is a little girl named Barbara and after hearing her words she tries desperately to open hearts and minds to COOPERATION, UNDERSTANDING AND PEACE.

She currently resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

As a citizen of this Universe, her travels may take her anywhere and everywhere.
Who knows were she will be in the future!

But do know this The love she projects to all of you is everywhere.

Feel it, know it -- experience it and choose to make it your way.

Her eldest son



 Mayan Calendar

White Electric World-Bridger  
I Activate in order to Equalize
Bonding Opportunity
I seal the Store of Death
With the Electric tone of Service
I am guided by the power of Heart
I am a Galactic Activation Portal...enter me


Gregorian Calendar  

Sun: h (Aquarius) - Moon: _ (Taurus) - Mercury : h (Aquarius) -
^ (Aries) -  Mars: h (Aquarius) - Asc.: g (Capricorn)


The below mentioned studies are subjects I have learned, the written books where a need at that moment in time, the memberships I belong too are only temporary situations -- NONE of it are WHO I AM, Kristen  




Graduate in Marketing
Graduate in Sociology

Graduate in Psycology Phd
Degree in PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Member - WAPOR -- World Association of Public Opinion Research

Member - Planetary Council of Peace

Member - Open University for Complementary Medicines



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