Our true form is what is termed Light Bodies
This physical dimension is only a small part of who we are.
As the planet increases in it's frequency and we along with it we are going through internal shifting in our genetics and DNA.
Matter is nothing more than electrons and atoms moving at a slower rate or speed.
We have slowed down our fequency to explore and experience this dimensional reality
Most of humanity has forgotten their true heritage.
We are beings of light in physical form. If we choose to, we can remember and re-awaken that part of who we are.
As we understand how our Merkaba fields work and effect our realities moving into our light bodies can be an effortless transition.
We are capable of activating our Merkaba fields (our light bodies) and moving from one dimension to another as we choose to.
Give yourself permission to explore and experience all you are capable of remembering.


From Hallís Catalogue of Egyptian Scarabs, Etc., in the British Museum

The flat under side of a scarab usually bears an inscription relating to the dynasty during which it was cut. These scarabs were sometimes used as seals. Some were cut from ordinary or precious stones; others were made of clay, baked and glazed. Occasionally the stone scarabs were also glazed. The majority of the small scarabs are pierced as though originally used as beads. Some are so hard that they will cut glass. In the picture above, A shows top and side views of the scarab, and B the under surface with the name of Mer-ka-Ba within the central cartouche. MPH


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